You know that Cape Town has a rich and varied history. Many know about the Dutch arriving at the Cape of Good Hope. Some even know that the Portuguese were in fact the first to arrive on our shores. But do you know how the thriving Muslim community came to be?

South Africa is a land of diversity, and so Cape Town is home to all kinds of people! You’ll find Muslims of all descents well integrated in society. And with so many Muslims, come numerous mosques. Whether in the city or in and around the Western Cape, Islamic travel is easy. Touramis offers the best halal tours that can be tailor-made to include the many landmarks and heritage sights that saw Islam’s development in the Cape. From the sacred burial grounds of saints, to the central Jumua mosque – you’ll see it all.

And you’ll enjoy it all! Cape Town is known for being Islamic friendly, where halal food and accommodation is easily found. Many food chains have broadened their reach to include the thriving Muslim community. You’ll never have to worry or think twice; we as an agency are committed to making sure that all our services are halal.

We also make a conscious effort to tailor out itineraries to making sure we spend the Friday prayer at the Jumua Mosque of Cape Town, hoping to give insight into the lives of the Muslims in Cape Town. Being the best tour agency, Touramis aims to bring you exciting new experiences, as well as little tastes of familiarity.

In addition to being able to tailor-make your Islamic tour, you can also choose whether you’d like a private or standard tour – a standard one meaning you’ll be touring with other Muslims, with similar interests. Even better, you can choose between our package deals and our day tours. Our day tours cater for those who are not quite ready to commit to a week-long itinerary but would still like someone else to plan a group outing!

A Muslim vacation has never been easier. Let us plan your visit to Cape Town, today.