Cape Town tourism companies are quickly realizing the benefits of catering for a halal travel. More and more places are adapting; offering Islamic friendly food and accommodation. Many food chains have broadened their business to include and invite Muslims in Cape Town, including Nandos and even Simply Asia. Cape Town has so much to offer but this recent growth in halal tourism makes it the perfect destination for a Muslim vacation.

Known for diversity, Cape Town is home to people of all backgrounds. Among these, are various Islamic-based cultures well integrated among society. Visiting Cape Town, you’ll find Muslims all over and with them, mosques on every corner. Whether in the city or in and around the Western Cape, Islamic travel is easy. Your Muslim-friendly travel packages can be tailor-made to include touring the landmarks and heritage sights that saw Islam’s arrival to the Cape. This ranges from oldest Mosque – the Auwal Mosque built in 1794 – to the Bokaap area – home to a large and friendly Muslim community.

In addition to the food and accommodation, Cape Town has seen a boom in the modest fashion industry. For Muslims – and anyone else looking to dress modestly – there are markets on an almost monthly basis. No more struggling with layers and dressing for the summer heat! Your halal holiday can see you sporting the latest trends with hundreds of Muslim-owned fashion labels. Want more? With a little digging, you can find modest fashion shows or even designers catering specifically for the modest market.

And, if you needed any other reason to book with the best tour agency for Muslims, Cape Town Explore lives in South Africa – a country with one of the best constitutions in the world, where everyone enjoys freedom of religion. Islam is practiced freely and openly, adding to the reasons why Cape Town has been ranked as one of the most Muslim-friendly cities in the world.