Multi Day Tours

With so much to do in Cape Town, a multi-day tour offers you the opportunity to do it all! If you would like to explore the city of Cape Town, Touramis offers excellent holiday packages for travellers that wish to benefit from organized multiple-day tours. We offer a variety of packages for you to enjoy. You can choose anything in South Africa; from our Express 5-day Tour in Cape Town, to our 9-day Beautiful Tour. Our tours include the renowned South African Garden Route, home to scenic stretches of coastline, beautiful mountain ranges and valleys that will have you lost in admiration.

Cape Town is known for being one of the most Muslim-friendly cities in the world. And with Touramis, you are one click away from booking your next unforgettable and Islamic-friendly holiday. We will be happy to arrange your transportation, accommodation, fully halal catering and daily schedules that keep in mind prayer times. With our years of experience, we can show you South Africa’s hidden gems. The only thing you will be responsible for is the enjoyment of your holiday.

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