If you are not one to commit to package deals and would rather have absolute freedom of choice, Touramis’ day tours are perfect for you! No more tagging along on trips that do not interest you. With our halal travel deals, you will be able to enjoy the holiday you have always wanted.

There is a never-ending list of things to do, and so day tours allow you to choose exactly what part of Cape Town you would like to explore. Touramis caters to anything and everything your heart desires. Whether it is chilling with the penguins of Simons Town, hiking up Lion’s Head, shark-cage diving in the cold ocean waters or a safari tour to check out the Big 5, we have you covered. It is simply a matter letting us make your dreams come true!

Being the best Muslim tour agency, we also specialize in day tours exploring Cape Town’s rich Islamic culture. In a city with a booming halal tourism industry, tours for Muslims are easy. Are you interested in the history of Islam in Cape Town? Let us take you on an Islamic tour of the mosques and the ‘Ring of Karamats’ – the sacred burial space of saintly men, including Sheikh Yusuf, who many consider to be the father of Islam in the Cape. 

If you’re wanting to interact and spend time with the local Muslims in Cape Town, we can take you to Bokaap, home to a large and beautiful Muslim community. Better yet, spend the Friday prayer at the Jumua Mosque of Cape Town, giving you an in-depth insight into the lives of the local community.

You can also choose between a private tour and a standard tour, which allows for touring with other Muslims doing the same activity! While our day tours do not include accommodation, we will organize transport and Muslim guides and experts to spend the day with you.

Visiting Cape Town should be on the top of your bucket list. It has everything to offer, from scenery to culture, food to adventure – and more. With Touramis, you will have a halal holiday that caters only to your interests.