On the fence about Cape Town? Here are fifteen reasons why you should travel to the tip of Africa, with Touramis.

1. A Natural Beauty
No need for filters here. Forever natural, Cape Town offers the sea to stroll alongside, mountaintops to conquer and caves to discover. You have an endless list of places to see, with magical views on every turn.

2.Diverse People
Despite a dark history, the people of Cape Town are able to celebrate the diversity that came with it. ‘Capetonians’ come from all corners of the world, contributing to a melting pot of culture, history and beliefs. You will experience all kinds of people on your halal tour, and may even be surprised to find similarities between your culture and a rich South African one.

For many, culture is synonymous with food and so naturally, we have many different kinds to offer. Whether you are in the mood for seafood, or burgers, Indian or our beloved braai, Cape Town has it all. And better yet, Cape Town offers all kinds of dining; from one of the best restaurants in the world – The Test Kitchen – to something more “lekker” – a gatsby from The Golden Dish.
In addition, you’ll never have to worry about halal food on your Muslim vacation. Known for being one of the most Muslim-friendly cities in the world, Cape Town caters for anyone and everyone.

Sightseeing may be wearing but can one ever tire of shopping? The V&A Waterfront has everything your heart desires, with many other malls following suit, in and around Cape Town. Other spending opportunities include various markets and pop-up shops. From clothes to furniture, Cape Town is home to innovative people working hard to design trendy products.

5. Hotels & Spas
After all the sightseeing and shopping, you’ll need a little TLC. Relax, knowing that Cape Town Explore has committed itself to ensuring that all services are halal. Cape Town offers incredible 5 star hotels, that include award-winning spas that offer all kinds of treatments – whether it’s a flotation tank at the Ubuntu Wellness Centre, or a signature massage at the Heavenly Spa by Westin.

6.Top Restaurants
Serving all kinds of cuisine and gorgeous views, your Islamic-friendly holiday can include restaurants that saw Cape Town become one of the top culinary capitals in the world. From specialty restaurants to corner cafes, you are spoilt for choice in the Mother City.

7. Bokaap
Bokaap holds particular significance for Muslims in Cape Town, as it is largely considered as the first home of Islam in Cape Town. Your halal holiday must include a visit to this wonderful community, homed in what was originally known as the Malay-Quarter. The brightly painted houses and crowds of friendly faces is an experience all by itself, but for Muslims, touring Bokaap is an eye-opening encounter.

8. Whale Season
Making an appearance between July and October, the majestic whales are a sight to see! While you can find them along the West Coast, Hermanus is considered home to some of the best land-based whale watching. These enormous pods are in fact southern right whales migrating to warmer waters – much like Europeans coming to Cape Town in the December holidays.

9. Wildlife
If like the whales, you want to come to Cape Town for warmer waters, December is definitely the time. You’ll miss the whales but might just see the Big 5 on your safari – that being the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo. If you’re wanting a closer encounter, the Two Oceans Aquarium brings treasures of the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans to you. Among others, Monkey World and the World of Birds allow you to see a number of different species in their natural-like habitats.

10. Museums & Galleries
There is an endless list of museums and galleries to discover around the Cape. Whether you fancy contemporary or classic, the best tour agency Cape Town Explore, can organize a gallery visit for you. Better yet, find it all in one place at the largest museum of contemporary African art in the world – the Zeitz MOCAA.

11. Rich History
A young democratic society, South Africa still houses many artefacts of the past. While the more obvious visit is to Robben Island, to see where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner, Cape Town offers many historical landmarks. Your Muslim-friendly travel package can be tailor-made to include the District Six Museum – an institution established to honour a community that was displaced during Apartheid. If you’re wanting to travel back further in time, the Slave Lodge is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and offers a unique perspective on South Africa’s slave history.
And of course, there are Islamic tours that will see you explore the way Islam came to the Cape. Cape Town Explore is a team of active and dynamic Muslims who have lived in Cape Town for many years. We are now experts in its history, culture and most important sites. With us, you’ll discover the Islamic legacy of Cape Town, in all its glory.

12. Adventure
Land, sea or sky? Take your pick.
The thrill-seeker will never be bored in Cape Town. From snorkeling to helicopter rides, shark-cage diving to paragliding off Signal Hill, get your blood pumping with all kinds of adventurous activities. Regardless of what you decide on, Cape Town Explore will always make a conscious effort to tailor your itinerary to make sure that you spend the Friday prayer at the Jumua Mosque of Cape Town, giving you an insight into the lives of the local community, after your adrenaline rush.

13. Sports
If you know any South Africans, you know that we are passionate about our sport. Rugby, soccer, cricket … there’s almost always a game to watch. And better yet, there’s almost always an event around watching a game.

14. World Heritage Sights
Unsurprisingly, eight of the world’s heritage sights are located in South Africa alone. Cape Town homes two of them – Robben Island and the Cape Floral Region. Robben Island is more than the prison where Nelson Mandela was held captive. It is a symbol of determination in the face of adversity, and thus truly a visit every person should make. The same can be said for the Cape Floral Region, home to an amazing 3% of the entire world’s plant species.

15. One of the Best Cities in the World
With all this and more, it comes as no surprise that Cape Town has been voted as the best city in the world, for the sixth consecutive time. What other reason do you need to start planning your Islamic tour, today?